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Quick, Effective, and Easy Fundraising

We understand that fundraising takes a great deal of effort. It employs some of the sales basics, hitting the pavement and reaching out to the community. Between walking the streets and talking to social media, a great deal goes into fundraising. In the past, keeping track of your fundraising efforts has been difficult and cumbersome. You practically needed an accounting degree just to be able to keep up! The team at Scoreboard is happy to offer easy fundraising solutions to allow you to take advantage of modern technology. We have innovative solutions to help you sell, manage, and track your efforts to allow for easy fundraising each and every time. Gone are the days of carbon copy tally sheets. With mobile apps, digital marketing, and quick and easy fundraising we are happy to take the guesswork out of your fundraising efforts.

Many people are moving toward a minimalist existence and don't want a collection of more "stuff" in the house. Although our products are top quality, they are not for everyone. That is why Scoreboard is happy to announce the introduction of donation fundraisers. With donation fundraisers it is possible to donate money directly to your cause. This means that people can simply give you money without the return of a product or service. Not only is this preferred by several donors, but it is much easier for you, the fundraiser, to track and manage. Our digital and mobile solutions make monetary donations easy, simple, and safe. For most people, the average amount raised per participant is $250. This money can be well used for any endeavor or adventure that you are raising money for. To learn more about donation fundraisers talk to a professional at Scoreboard today.

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