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Provide Healthy Fundraising Options

All too often fundraisers take the form of candy and junk food. While this is a nice treat from time to time, it is anything but healthy. With the availability of healthy options at the grocery store and every restaurant we go to, it makes sense to offer healthy fundraising options. The team at Scoreboard is proud to have a wide range of healthy fundraising products for you to present to your donors. Choose from a variety of healthy snacks for your next fundraising effort. Many of our healthy snacks include a mix of high quality nuts and trail mix. These are a great alternative snacking option that not only fills you up, but keeps you healthy compared to other alternative snacking options. With our healthy snacks brochure, you can select from 7 different mixed nut assortments to find just the right healthy alternative for you.

Fundraising is a tried and true method to help raise money for your cause, adventure, or endeavor. Whether you are participating in a sport, like hockey or football, or an after school organization associated with a religious group, the team at Scoreboard can help. We understand that every fundraising effort is different, and will require a different product or service. We are happy to present a wide range of options for our clients which also include some healthy options. Stop presenting your donors with unhealthy and fattening snacks, and introduce them to some healthy alternatives. Between our healthy snacks and innovative products, we are sure to find just the right product for you to use in your fundraising efforts.

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