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Experienced And Successful Sports Fundraising

Any way you look at it, sports are expensive. Between the equipment that is needed and the travel expenses accumulated going to tournaments, it can take a small fortune to have enough money for one season. That is why many organizations turn to sports fundraising to help raise funds to cover the expensive costs associated with the sport. Whether you play baseball or basketball, the team at Scoreboard is able to help. We are experienced with sports fundraising and understand just how pivotal the money raised from fundraising can be during a season. We offer the option to either offer a product or a direct money donation to your fundraiser. Browse through our available catalogs to find just the right products to offer during your fundraising campaign. If you have questions, or need suggestions, the team at Scoreboard is always happy to help. We understand what it takes to be successful with sports fundraising and are happy to offer our knowledge and experience to fuel your fundraising efforts.

Of all the sports, cheerleading is one of the most expensive. Cheerleading tournaments are costly, and the equipment and uniforms are expensive. Cheer fundraisers are quite popular to help raise funds to support the cheer team. At Scoreboard, we have years of experience working with cheer fundraisers and are able to lend our expertise to your efforts. We are happy to offer our dedicated and customized mobile app to help make your fundraising efforts even easier. Our app allows you to easily and accurately track your fundraising efforts, all from the convenience of your mobile phone. Keep track of your donors, their products ordered, and payments all from one location. Only the team at Scoreboard makes fundraising easy and simple. Best of all, Scoreboard has a successful track record of bringing in the most amount of money for your next cheer fundraiser.

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