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Easy and Efficient Text Fundraising

When people think of fundraising, they typically think of fundraising of the past. It was a door to door effort where you hit the pavement looking for donations. You ask friends and family members and have to do a great deal of leg work to get any type of donation. The team at Scoreboard is happy to offer our innovative app and text fundraising option. With a simple text message, it is possible to reach out to contacts in your phone. Easily invite friends and family members into a text fundraising group. From there, your friends and family will be invited to join the group, allowing them access to an online fundraiser website. The website will have the full catalog of available products, allowing your donors to safely and efficiently enter their payment information. Our team then guarantees a fast and accurate shipment to their home. Text fundraising makes fundraising easy, effective, and effortless.

Although not technically a sport, the band usually has a high price tag associated with it. Instruments and band trips are expensive, so schools are always looking for fresh band fundraising ideas. The team at Scoreboard is happy to offer a range of band fundraising ideas to help bring in more money for the band. Choose from our product brochures or opt for our monetary donation option. Whichever you choose, you will have the ability to use our state of the art text fundraising and app. This makes fundraising for your band easy and efficient, guaranteeing you will raise the most amount possible for your next band trip adventure.

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